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Alpe de Villar d'Arene

Please note that we wrote this section when we were based in Les Deux Alpes. We plan to update it soon with our favourite routes around the Chamonix area, but in the meantime have a browse of our highlights in the Oisans/Ecrins region.

The French Alps are full of amazing hikes and ski tours. So much so that it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite routes, both summer and winter. This should give you some inspiration for your next trip. Many of these are close to our base in the Erins/Oisans region, but we also spend time around Chamonix and further afield. Let us know if you have any great walking or skiing routes you think we should add.

We can offer guided hiking on any of the routes mentioned on this site. We can also take you ski touring on most of the routes, with the exception of high mountain routes on glaciers which are included purely for information and personal interest.

Ski Touring Routes
Hiking Routes

Autumn colours - St Christoph