Lac Blanc – Chamonix Hiking

Lac Blanc early in the morning

Lac Blanc is easily the most popular day-hike destination around Chamonix, perhaps the most popular in the Alps. And after a visit there, you’ll find it isn’t hard to see why. There’s the iconic panorama reflected photogenically in the waters, a refuge serving lunch…

The History of the TMB

Today, the Tour du Mont Blanc is the most popular long distance hike in Europe, if not the world. But how did it become established, and who was the first to walk it? To find the answer, we have to go back to 1767,…

La Jonction – Chamonix Hikes

Mont Blanc from La Jonction - snowy mountains with footpath in the foreground

The trek to La Jonction is one of the toughest of the classic day hikes around Chamonix. With around 1500 metres of ascent in seven kilometres, the climb feels relentless. The rewards are some of the best up close views of the Chamonix glaciers….

Aiguillette des Possettes – Chamonix Hikes

View from Aiguillette des Possettes towards Aiguille Verte

The Aiguillette des Possettes stands at the head of the Chamonix valley, dividing it into two branches. One leads to Le Tour, culminating in the Col de Balme. The other winds up over the Col du Montets before descending to Vallorcine and the Swiss…

Chamonix Hiking – the Grand Balcon Nord

View over Mer de Glace glacier, runner in foreground

Along with Lac Blanc, the Grand Balcon Nord is one of the must-do day hikes of the Chamonix Valley. The cable car access lets you get high into the mountains with relatively little effort, taking you straight to awe-inspiring views and a great mountain…

Col du Belvedere

Crossing Lac Blanc with the Col du Belvedere behind

With a magnificent setting, a sunny aspect, and an amenable 500 – 800 metres of ascent, the Col du Belvedere is a great introduction to ski touring in Chamonix. The route takes you from the edge of the Flegere ski area to the summer…

Mont de l’Arpille

Halfway view

Few ski tours are safe enough to do when the avalanche risk is a high four out of five. Mont de l’Arpille is one of those that can be a possibility. The mountain rises to a height of 2085 metres, which is quite modest…