Walking Grades

We grade our walks on a scale of one (easiest) to five (hardest), for both their physical and technical difficulty. This gives our guests an idea of what to expect. However, if you are in any doubt, please let us know!

one marmotThe easiest physical grade, walks of this grade are relatively flat and short. Expect to walk less than 5km with no more than 200m of elevation.No technical difficulties, with wide, smooth paths.
two marmotsA little more challenging than a grade one, but still reasonably short, think of it as a half-day walk. Distances will be 5-10km with around 500m of elevation gain.These routes follow established hiking paths. Paths are good, but may have some short uneven or steep sections.
three marmotsA moderate day walk. Walks in this grade will cover 10-15km with 750-1000m of elevation.Moderately technical terrain with rocky paths and steep climbs. Requires some experience of mountain hiking.
four marmotsSustained hikes, requiring a good level of fitness. Expect distances around 15-20km with elevation gain of 1000-1500m.Challenging hiking terrain. Can include ladders, steep climbs or descents, and some rocky or exposed sections requiring surefootedness.
five marmots This is the hardest physical grade. These will be long, tough hikes in the mountains. Distances may be greater than 20km with over 1500m of elevation gain.Our most technically difficult hiking. Terrain will have extended rocky, committing and exposed sections. It is essential to be confident of skill when doing a hike of this grading