Covid-19 Policy and Protocol

In these exceptional times, we recognise that some changes need to be made to both our booking policies and to our working practice. In order to be able to take bookings, both providers and customers need to be flexible regarding cancellations due to cancellations outside our control. Accordingly, we have adopted the policies outlined below.

Bookings policy

All persons attending any White Marmotte course or product must confirm that they have not displayed symptoms of Covid-19, nor been in contact with or shared a household with anybody displaying such symptoms within the previous 21 days.

All participants must acknowledge and accept that participation in a group activity may expose them to a greater risk of Covid-19 infection, relative to non-participation.



If a customer is forced to cancel for Covid-19 related reasons, then they will receive a full refund, even in circumstances where a full refund would not normally be granted under our terms and conditions. This will apply if a customer cannot comply with the statements above, or if they are unable to arrive at the venue due to new travel restrictions.

Conversely, if White Marmotte is forced to cancel an activity due to unavoidable Covid-19 related reasons, our liability will be limited to giving a full refund to all participants. This will apply if updated government advice or guidelines prevent us from running our products. It will also apply if the person running the activity has shown symptoms of Covid-19 or been in contact with somebody displaying symptoms and we are unable to find a replacement person to deliver the product.

White Marmotte Covid-19 Protocol

This protocol is written to reflect current government guidance and best practice. As the situation is evolving rapidly, so too are the legislation, guidance and best practice. Consequently, this page will be updated whenever necessary to reflect the latest advice. All White Marmotte products will be delivered according to the Covid-19 protocol in place at the start of the course. This may differ from the protocol which was in place at the time of booking. The most up-to-date version of the protocol will always be found here at

    1. All participants must fill in a disclaimer form prior to participation in a White Marmotte activity. The form will specify the following:
      • The participant has not displayed Covid-19 symptoms, nor have they knowingly been in contact with or shared a household with anybody displaying such symptoms, in the previous 21 days.
      • The participant acknowledges and accepts the risk that attending a group activity may expose them to an increased chance of Covid-19 infection.
  1. There will be an absolute maximum of ten people per group, including the instructor or leader. This is a government recommendation. In practice, all our activities take place in smaller groups than this. However, this rule does mean that we cannot combine two groups with two instructors to form a larger activity.
  2. A minimum distance of 1.5 metres will be maintained between participants at all times for outdoor activities.
  3. A minimum distance of one metre will be maintained between participants at all times for classroom sessions.
  4. Activities which place larger distances between participants will be preferred.
  5. Participants on navigation courses must provide their own pen or pencil, paper, compass, and maps. Directions will be provided to download and print suitable maps and to install a compass app on a smartphone. If printing maps is impossible, participants should bring a suitable plastic sleeve or map-case to safely contain the map(s) provided. In this last case, participants must disinfect their hands before and after placing the maps(s) in the sleeve.
  6. Participants on all courses must provide their own food, drink, appropriate clothing and footwear. We will not loan or provide any such items to participants whilst the Covid-19 situation is ongoing.
  7. Alcohol gel will be provided, and its use will be compulsory.
  8. Participants may choose to bring and wear their own mask. Masks will not be provided.
  9. We acknowledge that multi-day trips will bring their own set of challenges. At the present time, we are not taking bookings for multi-day trips. When this changes, we will adapt this protocol accordingly.